Indian Immigration Documents Notary for Indian Consulate in San Diego.

You are Welcome Here!!!!!

Despite the rhetoric in our political environment, Signature Notary San Diego stands firm and welcomes all people.  We appreciate diversity, and all things different including culture. Simply put, we don't agree with isolationism. As notaries, living in a very diverse city such as San Diego, we find it to be a huge melting pot of different races, ethnicity, religions, cultures,  genders and sexual preference/orientation.  Our notary clients represent all walks and paths of life, and we treat each notary client with great respect and dignity. 


 We have helped countless families notarize their immigration documents and continue to do so. The other day I had a family who had migrated from India tell me a disheartening story of pure discrimination they encountered when trying to get documents notarized for the Indian Consulate in San Francisco.  As humans, I believe we are all created equal, and discrimination has no place in our world, but sadly acknowledge that it exist.  The family shared with me that on two different occasions the attempted to hire refused helping them because of their background.   This is-truly appalling to say the least.  Signature Notary San Diego, LLC will never turn away a client for reasons regarding your ethnic background, race. religion, sexual,  or political preferences.  Inclusion, is what makes this country better in the macro picture of diversity as a whole across the United States.

Indian Consulate Notarization

We have helped countless Indian Families and individuals with notarizing their various documents to include: Deed/Poll Sworn Affidavits,  Affidavit for Change in Appearance and Signature; Indian Visa Application; OCI Cards/ documents, Renunciation of Indian Citizenship and Surrender of Indian Passport documents, Notarized Copies of Indian passports, Marriage Certificates,  etc...    It seems that these documents are common place for those individuals who have migrated from India to the United States. Since we have helped so many families and individuals we know how to navigate through the abundance of documents need to be submitted to the Consulate General ofIndia.  Many of the documents require notarization and we are apt to being able to make signing the documents easy and seamless.  While other notaries will charge you $15 for each signature we charge only $5.00 per signature and can either have you do it in office or at your home. If we travel to you which is often the case due to the amount of documents needing to be signed or having all people in one place in the comfort of your home it is surprisingly more affordable than going to any brick and mortar location that charges $15.00 per signature.