I needed a single page document notarized. Contacted my bank, my credit union, and others including here on yelp. I decided to go with Signature Notary San Diego and was able to make an appointment right away at their convenient downtown location. The notary was friendly and professional and I was in and out with the notarized doc in about 5 - 10 minutes. Overall, great service and value. Significantly less cost than everywhere else.
— Rin S. Yelp User / client
I had been procrastinating on getting a document notarized, It was Saturday and I had alot to do that day and was thinking I was going to have to wait until sometime during the week or the following Saturday. However, I called Christian and was pleasantly surprised that he could see me on a Sunday! He was super professional, accommodating, quick and inexpensive. I highly recommend Signature Notary San Diego for anyone in need of notary services.
These guys rock! Professional, efficient service at an extremely fair price. If you’re looking for notary services, look no further. They accommodated me for a same day appointment and notarized my signature quickly. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING AND FOR PROVIDING A GREAT SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY!
Christian went out of his way to help us deal with some paperwork after hours and on a weekend. Friendly, professional and efficient all for an incredibly low price. I can not fault the service provided. Would definitely recommend this company and will be using them again in the future



We'll bring our best to every  Live Scan and or Notary appointment. No matter   if services are in our office or a  location of  your choosing.  From the moment you  call and  we answer, we look forward to providing seamless customer service. We never compromise quality for  price and give our  clients realistic schedules/ appointments  that accommodate their lives. We strive for honest customer service. We promise to be affordable. We promise to Act with Integrity First, put Service before Self, and bring Excellence to all we  do.


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Who is Signature notary San Diego, LLC

We always envisioned something more than just your local notary. We envisioned something bigger than the box a consumer or our competitors could put us in. People, Process, and Product; the three “P’s.” What if you could combine all three to make a company and brand that is irresistibly affordable, consumer centric, all whilst providing superior customer service. We started knowing that our consumer base of 3.8 Million Plus people didn’t want to pay exhuberant notary fees. We also figured out that most of our consumers wanted to be in an Notary Office versus having someone that they didnt know come to notarized their documents. Conversley we had clients that liked being afforded the option to having a notary on call to be able to come to their location. We decided to offer both. Learning from our competitors mistakes we did our due dilligence and relized that our affordability was shaking up the market. We’d get calls from competitors who didn’t believe we actually charged $5.00 per signature to Notarize a document. Seeing is believing. To date we have saved our clients thousands of dollars in Notary Fees. Since our begining we charged $5.00 per signature versus the $10.00 or $15.00 per signature other notaries charge. The feedback has been an amazing following. We are the notaries other notaries use to notarize their personal documents. We are the company banks,title companies, law firms, pharmacuetical companies, hospitals,real estate agencies ,courts, and a gross amount of people in San Diego County use daily for all of their Notarial Needs. Superlatives aside we are here to bring you Proffessional, Affordable, and Excellent Notary Services.

In 2018, we began a new offering. When pursuing excellence, in and for all of our professional licenses, commissions, and certifications we hold; we realized there was a void in the San Diego community. This void was more so a monoploy held by a Single Company that contolled the majority if not all aspiring professionals captive to high live scan fees and poor customer service. If not us who? We asked ourselves this question, and began to realize that Signature Notary San Diego, LLC should be at the forefront in helping San Diego, with the majority of their Live Scan Figerprinting Needs. In 2018 we became a California Department of Justice Approved Live Scan Location. We remained competitive in our pricing for our rolling fees . We provide DOJ and FBI Live Scan Services.