Why are there not more 24hr Notaries in SanDiego?

So I'm sitting at a barbershop, right now  at 10:07 PM . I'm glad we are not the only business that is open late. I find myself being extremely busy during the day as a notary . My nights are equally busy. I find them to be  more busy than days honestly. Why is this? One may believe that many people work during the day and don't have time. Time is valuable I reflect on this as I have been at this barber for over 30 minutes with 4 barbers cutting and 4 people waiting in line . The other 3 people who wait in line must have been equally busy during the day.  Barbers  begin to argue about how late it is and ask the main barber to check the list and limit the clients from coming in . I'm sure as a business owner he cringes to hear it. I cringe when I hear and see it, especially since there are customers in line . That is money  and more importantly a clients time!!!  A 6th customer walks in only to be told it's an hour wait . He waits because of the need.  Necessity is the mother of innovation and invention. As a notary in California you have the unique opportunity to provide notary service to a population of 1.3 million people. Will all 1.3 million people need a notary public  in California ? Probably not, but if you paired it down and thought about the probability of people needing a notary the odds are great and the need is there. Countless documents need to be notarized  in California .  Recently I  googled " 24 hour Notary Public"  There  was a tiny list of  Notaries  who were on it.  Proudly, I saw Signature Notary San Diego among  the   group of Notaries, but  yet there were not many notaries.  I get it the Notary Business is not  for everyone, however  according to recent stats  there are over 100,000 Notaries in the state of  California.  That list grows  daily.  Of  those  countless notaries there are over 10,000 active Notaries Public in San Diego County. Why is it that  less than 1 percent are available  24 hours a day?  For  most being a notary is a  hobby,  something that they get just to get for a job and or thought  about making a business out of it. Most  don't have the technical know how  to properly notarize a document. This  is  evident with the amount of documents I see from  clients  that have got rejected from  whatever institution they were sending it to because of  improperly notarizing the document.  Most Notaries will never get the repetition it takes to be a truly savvy and professional California Commissioned Notary Public. One  may believe most become notaries  for a quick buck.  Honestly there is  too much of a saturated market to truly carve out a place at the table  to  make a living or career from it . We  at Signature Notary San Diego see things different. We  see that there is a need of  people who  need notary services,  for  the  documents  that can have an impact on their lives.  We  see the value in knowing that our services not only  help people but also saves them time and money. As  an  member of Signature Notary San Diego, LLC.  - I  Believe  that  charging $ 10- 15   per notarized signature is ridiculous and  hints  the reason why we  take  the consumers point of  view and charge on $5  per signature.  Think  about  the idea of a company being open 24 hours a day and  not only saving you money   during mormal business hours but also after  business hours. Think about not having to worry about getting a document notarized  in an emergency  day or night and getting price gouged.  In another  Notary blog  I'll tell you all about how  Notaries will price gouge people  and how  to prevent it. If you're looking for a notary company that is  open 24 hours  and does not rip you off ; Signature Notary San Diego is  the  place to look.  $5.00 Per Signature Day or Night ..... #24hourNotary

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