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 Signature Notary San Diego, LLC  has  fast become  San Diego County's  favorite Notaries  Public. Signature Notary San Diego, has  helped  notarized documents  for THOUSANDS  of   Clients in the San Diego county  community. Our clients  include: multiple large and small law-firms, banks, credit unions, pharmacutical companies, real estate agencies, title and escrow  companies, local and federal courts,  small and large bussiness/ corporations,and  the mass diverse population of   San Diego counties 3.8 million people.  We  worked  diligently  to become the preferred choice  for all things Notary Public. In 2014, we  saw a void in the  Notary world  as it related to professionalism, choice, flexibility, and  more important affordability.  Since 2014, not only have we  remained San Diego's  Most Affordable Notaries, we saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in notary fees. In 2017, we  saved our clients as a whole over $75k.  We believe in putting  the customer first. We know that most of  our clients  may only use a notary once in their lifetime. We also know  that most of  our clients don't  want to pay exuberant notary fees. Whether  a single  document or multiple documents, our clients save over 50%  of what other notaries will charge to notarize documents. In 2018, Signature Notary San Diego, became Downtown San Diego's sole  DOJ Approved  Live Scan Location. In a short amount of  time  we have  helped thousands of  people  with their professional digital fingerprinting/ Live Scan needs. Our  services might be varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, affordability, and  professionalism. Our Notaries are California Commissioned, bonded, and  insured.Each of our notaries  hold  a distiction of being Certified Signing Agents and have helped  thousand of  families and  title companies  with  home closing (buying, or  selling) and loan documents.  Our experience is  choice  in the both the  Notary and  Live Scan Fields.  See why others have called Signature Notary San Diego, LLC   their only option for  all things Notary and Live Scan.


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