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Signature Notary San Diego Live Scan Is What We Do!

Live Scan digital fingerprint submissions provide the most expedient way to submit and process background checks. Simply put Live Scan technology allows digitally scanned fingerprints and related information to be submitted electronically to the Department of Justice within a matter of minutes and allows criminal background checks to be processed usually within 72 hours.Live Scan is the favored  method to ink card fingerprinting. Learn More

You asked and we listened. Better hours and greater flexibility . Signature Notary San Diego, LLC now offers a wide variety of Appointment times and walk-in hours. Appointments always preferred and SAME DAY LIVE SCAN APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE.

Simplifying the Process With Latest Live Scan

Equipment and Technology

We’ve spent thousands to make sure we are ahead of the pack, and to make sure your time is not wasted. Our Live Scan Machine is the best in the industry and has helped thousands of clients in pursuit of getting their Live Scan done. The fingerprints we take are submitted electronically and a response is retured to the contributing agency within two hours or less for electronic civil fingerprint submissions. Gone are the days when you needed a paper fingerprint card. Processing that once took weeks and months now takes hours and minutes with Intergarted Automated Fingerprint Identification System ( IAFIS)


What do I need to bring in?

For all Lives Scan Appointments our clients need to bring in a valid photo government issued identification. This can include but is not limited to:

  1. California Driver’s License or Identification Card with Picture

  2. Out-of- state driver’s license

In the absence if a primary form of identification, Signature Notary San Diego, LLC is allowed to accept one or more of the following as secondary forms of identification.

  • State government issued Certificate of Birth

  • U.S. Active Duty /Retiree/ Reservist Military Identification Card (CAC)

  • US Passport

  • Federal Government Personal Identification Card (PIV)

  • Department of Defense Common Access Card

  • Social Security Card

  • U.S. Tribal or Bureau of Indian Affairs Identification Card

  • Court Order for Name Change/ Gender Change/ Adopotion/ Divorxe

  • Marrigae Certificate (Goverment Issued Certificate)

  • Foreign Passport

  • Certificate of Citizenship (N560)

  • Certificate of Naturalization (N550)

  • Resident Alien Card Issued Since 1997

  • Temporary Resident Card

  • Employment Authorization Card

    ( Please Note Secondary Indentification documents and forms need to be accompanied by at least two of the following supplemental documents:

  • Utility Bill

  • Voter Registration Card

  • Vehicle Registration Card/Title

  • Paycheck Stubs

  • Spouse/parent Affidavit

  • Mortgage Documents

  • Bank Statement

Our Live Scan Technician will answer any and all questions .

How Long Does it take?

Time is variable based on the Live Scan Applicants Hands and Individual Fingerprints. Our typical live scan appointments take about 10-15 minutes.

Are you Mobile ? Can you travel to my location?

Short answer - “Absolutely. “No matter if you are a group of individuals or one person looking for Live Scan Fingerprinting, Signature Notary San Diego, LLC stands ready to assist. The Most Convenient setting however is our amazing office Located in Little Italy. We have ample Garage Parking. You need not worry about spending an arm and a leg when dealing with Signature Notary San Diego, LLC . We make all things affordable. We save our Clients Money one Fingerprint at a time.

How much will this cost me?

Signature Notary San Diego, LLC has some of the lowest rolling fees in all of California. We pride our selves on being an Elite yet affordable Live Scan Location . To date we have saved our clients thousands in rolling fees. The Department of Justice and FBI have their own set of fees that are non variable and have to be paid at time of Live Scan Service. See below for our fees. Some Live Scan applications are less and FBI and DOJ fees may not be applicable.

If you have already received Live Scan from us and need to speak with us for any reason . Please email signaturenotarysd@gmail

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Live Scan Rolling Fee $20.00

DOJ ( Department of Justice) Fee $32

To be paid at the livescan site, if applicable

FBI Fee$17

To be paid at  Live Scan site, if applicable




* Please note, If you have a Misc. No. (Billing Number) on your Request For Live Scan Services Form, you will only pay our $20 fingerprinting rolling fee.* Our service fee for fingerprinting is currently at a discounted introductory  rate of $20.00 (normally $25).  In addition, it is likely  that you will  be assessed a DOJ fee of $32.00 and if required, an FBI fee of $17.00.  Other fees may apply if mandated by your requesting agency.

** Please note there may also be supplementary criminal history processing fees collected for the DOJ and the FBI for the background checks. (For DOJ and FBI fees, please click the link.) There are instances where the agency requesting the criminal history review, may pay for the fees; however  some applicants may have to pay this fee so check with your requesting agency.  Our office  policy dictates:NO REFUNDS  WILL BE GIVEN  AFTER LIVE SCAN HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO DOJ/FBI FOR PROCESSING. All LIVE SCAN sales are final once DOJ/FBI have submitted a OSCN number to our location as receipt of acceptance of live scan.