How Do We Stack Up?

Limited Notary Items Now have New Pricing. We want to make sure we remain affordable. We still offer most notarizations at 50% less than our competitors. Limited Notarization’s items are priced at $7.50 include:

Power of Attorney, Trust Documents, and Deeds.

All other documents are still $5.00 per signature.

To compare or not to compare that is the question?   As a consumer you have a choice.  There are 200,000 plus notaries in California. In San Diego,  there are over 10,000 notaries . Representative of the 2 of the 10,000 plus notaries, we aim to clearly set ourselves apart. Notary is all we do, so why not aspire to be the best. The question is what makes the best?  Are all notaries the same? In function,  the answer is yes; however we have dedicated our notary commission to become the most affordable and professional notaries in San Diego, County.  Let's see how we compare to other notaries and notary companies.

Quick and easy setup for notary. Scheduled an appointment 3 hours before and got a confirmation call about an hour before my appointment. Went in, got my paper signed for a good price of a $5 bill.
— Brian T- Yelp User / Client
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Price usually is the deciding factor on choosing a notary. Per California Law Notaries are allowed to charge up to $15per notarized signature .Some notaries charge less than this, Some charge more. The secret to how notaries make their money is in the travel fee or charging a "flat-fee."  I frown upon this because essentially it is a bait and switch and is unethical to say the least. Notaries essentially get away with it because there isn't a 24-7 notary hotline or notary police to stop the infringing .

Do you pay for what you get?  

The answer to this question is complicated. Yes, if your shopping for a car, shoes,house, jewelry, furniture, and a host of other items.  This holds true to most professional services too. Most people don't want to hire the cheapest attorney to represent you in a legal battle, or a dentist who got their degree from a cereal box.  There is a strange dynamic with notary services.  Most of all notaries go through stringent credentialing which includes a background check and establishing a knowledge base on how to properly and efficiently notarize a document.  Many times as a consumer you are placing your trust in the Notary as a professional to properly execute and notarize your document, in truth however most notary clients have no clue what the notary is doing. The reverse side of that is that many notaries have no clue what they are doing.  In saying this, one can infer that you are really in bad hands. This is not a knock on the Notary profession in which Signature Notary San Diego is involved in; instead these are factual observations made through the course of our inception and founding.   We were in your shoes at one point, and remember calling around to the UPS, Postal Annex,  and searching for a notary on YELP or Google. The result was the same-  Expensive and Costly. 

Did you know that most people will never use an notary in their life? Some people might only need them once or twice.  If we do the math and simplify it you can see that notary fees to notarize a document in 2017 are costly. In 2017, California Passed Legislation allowing notaries to charge $ 15 per signature. Imagine you have one signature to get notarized.  Its a easy choice to go to you local UPS or Postal Annex to get something notarized. You pay $15 to the notary if they are available and go about your day.  These notaries by the way, are no different than any other California Commissioned Notary .  They have the Brand and Convenience of multiple notary locations helping them. Did you know that their notaries only get roughly $2.50 per signature notarized and   the store takes the rest? YIKES!!!  Conversely,  lets say that you have 5 signatures that need to be notarized. Simple multiplication (5x15=75) In less than 30 minutes of time you paid that notary $75 dollars to notarize 5 signatures. What about 10 signatures?  You now just paid the notary $150 for a few stamps on a page.  Do you see the trend.  We respect and honor the stamp and the profession, but there is not a day that doesn't go by where we aren't thanked for saving our clients time and money.  The model above is the brick and mortar franchise UPS and Postal Annex Notary Model. Let's take a look at the independent Notary Model.


Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 6.23.47 PM.png

The Bait and Switch is Strong with this Notary !!!! $ 20 -45 Travel Fee with an additional $5 if traveling to a hospital. Priced at $10 Per signature.

Independent Notary Company

 Our foundation lies within the fact that notaries are all the same in function and that in California, Notaries are allowed to charge up to $15 per notarized signature.   Let's take"Company A" as an example. Company A is a San Diego Notary Public, who offers his or her notary services to All of San Diego County.  Company A   Notary Company, charges $15 per signature. In addition they charge a travel fee of a variable amount between $ 25-50 dollars depending on location.  As a notary consumer, you call looking to get one document notarized and you don't want to leave your home for whatever reason. Company A Notary Company quotes you $ 15 per signature and $30 travel notary fee even though you are 10 min drive from them. The total for Company A Travel Notary Services are $45.

You opt to call another notary who advertises their rate at $ 10 per signature .  This notary and their company is known as "Company B ." Company B Notary Service offers to travel to you also but his travel fee is $50. The notary, from "Company B" is charging you $50 because it is late at night and it is a weekend.

Again you opt to call another notary( 3 down 19,996 to go) "Company C" advertises on YELP to be the most affordable Notary in San Diego County. This catches your eyes you call only to be met by a voicemail that states " This office is only open on weekdays and to leave a message for your call to be returned the following business day."

So much for that company.  Finally your about to give up and just go to your local brick and mortar notary UPS or Postal Express.  They close in 5 minutes and you live 10 minutes away.  You figure you'll wait and look for a notary at your bank. The next day you go to your bank and they tell you that their notary is available. A huge sigh of relief because they are going to notarize it for free since you are there customer.  "Oh wait," The bank notary pauses and ask to see the document. You are then met with a smile and an apology that they are not able to notarize the document because it is not a bank document. They refer you back to UPS.

Frustrated, you wait until Monday and get your document notarized at UPS for $15. Not bad   right?  Wrong! This is all too common when it comes to dealing with notaries and big brands like UPS or Postal Annex.  One may believe it's all in the name.  Postal Annex- Postal Express-Mail Shop- Mail Express-  Bank of America, Bank of __________.  These places aren't strictly notary, to them it is an added service for convenience  for them, not the consumer.  We  also  have to analyze why most banks  don't offer  this  service  100%.   We've  sat  down with a lot of bank managers who have acknowledged  that  there is  liability carried  to  them from the notary who happens to be an employee  of  the bank. The consumer looks at the bank as a brand, and  sues  the bank  not the  employee  because  the  service is being provided from the bank.   While  some banks  do notarize documents (often solely bank documents);   others choose not to and refer their clients  to  the  nearest notary.

What is to be said about the Mobile Notary Companies? My example explains it all. The notary client could have called over 15 notaries and the answer would have remained similar. Most notaries and companies aren't full-time notaries.  Some are, but their hours are the same as yours. I have found A and D Livescan  to be an honorable mention due to the fact that they have a solid reputation and they care about their clients and business.  They are great if you want to go to them, but in most cases they do not travel. Paired with the fact that they are usually only open on limited days and have limited hours.

24 hour Notaries are rare, I must admit. I mean honestly, who would want to sit around or travel all day notarizing documents for people?   Signature Notary San Diego, that's who. Not trying to be cliche, but we do what we love and love what we do.  Life is   24 hours 365 days of the year . Signature Notary is a 24 Hour Notary and a Notary Open 365 days of the year. Test us!!!!  In our Notary Experience, life doesn't stop and even when it is about to, you don't want a document needing to be notarized set you or your family back. We take pride in our notary availability. We take pride in offering our notary services as both traveling notaries and having an office our clients can come to. We don't like to over promise, however the vast majority of our clients would agree Signature Notary San Diego, LLC has the notary business figured out.



Signature Notary San Diego, LLC

PRICE (Don't Worry the letters are big, but our Notary Prices are small)

While other notaries charge $15 per signature or $10 per signature ; we charge$5.00 per signature . We save you more than half of what most notaries charge you per notarized signature.

What about the travel fee?

Nobody loves to talk about it, but you are traveling at cost.  Travel Fees are the elephant in the room. So we are simple.  We beat down cost in every way we can to save you time and money. In most cases unless you are notarizing 1 signature we are often more affordable than going to your local UPS or Postal Annex.  We do not charge excessive travel fees, because that is not in Signature Notary San Diego's ID and Ego. Signature Notary San Diego does not want to have that hold you back from getting a document notarized. However in the case that you find it too excessive(never has happened )  you are always welcome to travel to us or take advantage of our multiple/ extended savings found throughout this website through a promotion or other sites . (Don't Click   Here)

Often Imitated but Never Duplicated

With over 10,000 active California Commissioned Notaries Public in San Diego County do we worry?  The answer to that is unequivocally a " No." Why?  Signature Notary San Diego, has not only mastered the Art of the Notary, but also  we have   mastered providing great and professional customer service coupled with affordable prices . We have been around for years now and we have seen many notaries try to imitate the $ 5.00 per notarized signature, but end up falling flat on their faces.  People love options.  "Wait you mean I can come to your office and you only charge $5.00 Per Signature?" "Hold on let me get this straight.  to come to my house in Poway to notarize 10 signatures you're going to charge me $70 dollars? "  Yep !   " I live in La Mesa, I need 2 signatures notarized how much is it going to cost?" " Well Ma'am,   how does $25 dollars sound?" "I need 40 signature notarized at my office in downtown San Diego in one hour; can you make it, and how much is it going to cost?"  " Yes, we can make it, and  40 signatures at $5 per signature will be $200 ."   Loan Signing are also our specialty. We charge a flat rate of $120 per loan signing(no matter how many signatures) We separate ourselves from other notaries by being certified signing agents. As signing agents we have gone through additional training and background checks and are more familiar with helping you notarize your loan documents. A Notary Signing Agent or (NSA) is a Notary who has special training to handle loan document signings. $5 Per signature vs. $10 or $15 ---- See the savings? See Signature Notary San Diego as your affordable San Diego Notary Public.

Signature Notary San Diego $5 per signature.
....Signature Notary did it very quick with no hassle at all and the total cost was only $5!!
— Andrew K- Yelp User/ Cleint